Lila Karbowska


Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung in Berlin

2011 Still life with Lemons

Installation and Performance former Iraqi Embassy in Berlin

2010 In between

Exhibition In between at Kunsthale M3, Mengerzeile, Berlin
Material: bird feathers

2009 New cells

Gallery Kobro, Łódź | Poland
I started work on New cells (German: Neue Zellen) in the year 2008. . . read more

2009 Freiräume 33

Cihangir, Istanbul

2007 Moments of Siberia Sound Installation
VII Art Biennale, Museum Centre Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Sound Installation, VII Art Biennale, Museum Centre Krasnoyarsk, Russia
It is eighty years ago since the German ethnologist Hans Findeisen travelled to southeastern Siberia. . . read more


CENTRE D'ARTS, plastiques et visuels, LILLE - Ten thousend sheets of silk paper, aroma of bitter almonds

2005 Pierwsza Pomoc (First Aid)

2004 The Glass Bead Game

Permanent installation for Mariposa on Tenerife | Spain
The pavilion made of glass-beads is a place that can be entered, which walls consist of thousands of blue glass beads. . . read more

2004 Wysokie Ciśnienie (High Pressure)

Galeria Sztuki "Wieża Ciśnień", Konin | Poland
The installation Wysokie Ciśnienie was especially designed for the Gallery Wieża Ciśnień (previously the water tower) in Konin, Poland. . . read more

2004 Album

Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin | Germany
The installation Album was exhibited in the gallery Club der Polnischen Versager, in the totally darkened room that gradually slopes down. . . read more

2004 Nic (Nothing)

Galerie ZERO, Berlin | Germany
The installation "Nic" was designed especially for the "Zero" Gallery in Berlin and plays with its name. . . read more

2003 Prace ręczne

Photo installation with 1344 photos.

2003 Freie Räume

2003 Trennen

Spatial installation with 2 lightboxes, hair, hocker and interactive sound elements